IEEE Global Communications Conference
8–10 December 2020 // In-person (Taipei, Taiwan)
7-11 December 2020 // Virtual
Communications for Human and Machine Intelligence

Best Paper Award Winners

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Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks Symposium

Xi Zhang, Jingqing Wang, and H. Vincent Poor
“Interference Modeling and Mutual Information Maximization Over 6G THz Wireless Ad-Hoc Nano-Networks”

Cognitive Radio & AI-Enabled Networks Symposium

Ye Hu, Mingzhe Chen, Walid Saad, H. Vincent Poor, and Shuguang Cui
“Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Trajectory Design in Wireless UAV Networks”

Communication & Information SystemSecuritySymposium

Deemah H. Tashman and Walaa Hamouda
“Physical-Layer Security for Cognitive Radio Networks over Cascaded Rayleigh Fading Channels”

Communication, QoS, Reliability & Modeling Symposium

Mehdi Setayesh, Shahab Bahrami, and Vincent W.S. Wong
“Joint PRB and Power Allocation for Slicing eMBBand URLLC Services in 5G C-RAN”

Communication Software, Services & Multimedia Applications Symposium

Qiwei Wang, Jihong Yu, Can Xiong, Jia Zhao, Si Chen, Rongrong Zhang, and Wei Gong
“Efficient Backscatter with Ambient WiFifor Live Streaming”

Communication Theory Symposium

Andrea Munari and Alexey Frolov
“Average Age of Information of Irregular Repetition Slotted ALOHA”

Green Communication Systems & Networks Symposium

Qian Zhang, Jiansong Miao, Zhicai Zhang, F. Richard Yu, Fang Fu, and Tuan Wu
“Energy-Efficient Video Streaming in UAV-Enabled Wireless Networks: A Safe-DQN Approach”

Mobile & Wireless Networks Symposium

Sanket S. Kalamkar, Fuad M. Abinader Jr., François Baccelli, Andrea S. Marcano Fani, and Luis G. Uzeda Garcia
“Stochastic Geometry-Based Modeling and Analysis of Beam Management in 5G”

Next Generation Networking & Internet Symposium

Yongchao Dang, Chafika Benzaїd, Yulong Shen, and Tarik Taleb
“GPS Spoofing Detector with Adaptive Trustable Residence Area for Cellular based-UAVs”

Optical Networks & Systems Symposium

Can Zhang, Søren Forchhammer, Jakob Dahl Andersen, Tayyab Mehmood, Metodi P. Yankov, and Knud J. Larsen
“Fast SD-Hamming Decoding in FPGA for High-Speed Concatenated FEC for Optical Communication”

Signal Processing for Communications Symposium

Xiaoling Hu, Feifei Gao, Caijun Zhong, Xiaoming Chen, Yu Zhang, and Zhaoyang Zhang
“An Angle Domain Design Framework for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Systems”

Wireless Communications Symposium

Jianhao Huang, Han Zhang, Chuan Huang, and Wei Zhang
“Compressed Multiple Random Access with Energy Modulation”

Wireless Communications Symposium

Kai Yu, Haibo Zhou, Bo Qian, Zhixuan Tang, and Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
“A Reinforcement Learning Aided Decoupled RAN Slicing Framework for Cellular V2X”

Selected Areas of Communications Symposium

Chuan-Zheng Lee, Leighton Pate Barnes, and Ayfer Özgür
“Over-the-Air Statistical Estimation”

Selected Areas of Communications Symposium

Tadashi Nakano, Yutaka Okaie, Nikolaos Dietis, and Andreani D. Odysseos
“Growing Bio-nanomachine Networks: Application to Malignant Tumor Evolution and Progression”