IEEE Global Communications Conference
8–10 December 2020 // In-person (Taipei, Taiwan)
7-11 December 2020 // Virtual
Communications for Human and Machine Intelligence

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Future wireless systems will require a paradigm shift in how they are networked, organized, configured, optimized, and recovered automatically, based on their operating situations. Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) applications aim to bring people, data, processes, and things together, to fulfill the needs of our everyday lives. With the emergence of software defined networks, adaptive services and applications are gaining much attention since they allow automatic configuration of devices and their parameters, systems, and services to the user's context change. It is expected that upcoming Fifth Generation and Beyond (5G&B) wireless networks, known as more than an extension to 4G, will be the backbone of IoT and CPS, and will support IoT systems by expanding their coverage, reducing latency and enhancing data rate. However, there are several challenges to be addressed to provide resilient connections supporting the massive number of often resource-constrained IoT and other wireless devices. Hence, due to several unique features of emerging applications, such as low latency, low cost, low energy consumption, resilient and reliable connections, traditional communication protocols and techniques are not suitable.

In this regard, it is crucial to have security by design in 5G wireless networks, considering the constraints imposed by heterogeneous IoT systems. Our aim is to promote the development of 5G security by design. The proposed GLOBECOM workshop WirelessSec will serve as a forum for researchers from academia, government and industries, to exchange ideas, present new results, and provide future visions on these topics. 

    Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 

·       5G and Beyond architecture with security and privacy considerations

·       Security for new service delivery models

·       AI and Machine Learning for 5G and Beyond security

·       Verticals and business (non-technical) 5G and Beyond security requirements and solutions 

·       Big data analytics tools and techniques in 5G and Beyond Security 

·       Advances in lightweight cryptography and IoT security 

·       Wireless virtualization and slicing security

·       Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) for 5G and Beyond security 

·       Diameter security in 5G and Beyond

·       Tera-Hertz communication and security for 5G and Beyond

·       Millimeter wave and security for 5G and Beyond

·       Quantum Safe Cryptography for 5G and Beyond

·       Secure Integration of IoT and Cloud Computing

·       Secure Device-to-Device communications in 5G and Beyond

·       Secure integration of IoT and other networks

·       Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques and System Integrity

·       Secure data storage, communications and computing

·       Energy efficient security in IoT 

·       Heterogeneous system modeling for 5G and Beyond security 

·       Secure sensing and computing techniques in 5G and Beyond

·       Big data analytics for 5G and Beyond security 

·       Secure, privacy-aware and trustworthy IoT communications

·       Trust models and trust handling/propagation for 5G and Beyond security

·       Physical layer security for 5G and Beyond

·       5G and Beyond security standardization