IEEE Global Communications Conference
8–10 December 2020 // In-person (Taipei, Taiwan)
7-11 December 2020 // Virtual
Communications for Human and Machine Intelligence

Student Travel Grant Winners


  1. Xiaodan Shao
    Zhejiang University, China
    Paper Title: Covariance-Based Cooperative Activity Detection for Massive Grant-Free Random Access
  2. Shikhar Verma
    Tohoku University
    Paper Title: A Novel IoT-Aware WLAN Environment Identification for Efficient Internet-Wide Port Scan
  3. Ju-Hyung Lee
    Korea University
    Paper Title: Integrating LEO Satellite and UAV Relaying via Reinforcement Learning for Non-Terrestrial Networks
  4. Yanyu Cheng
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Paper Title: Outage Performance of Downlink IRS-Assisted NOMA Systems
  5. Jane Wu
    National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
    Paper Title: A Robust Hierarchical Learning Approach for dynamic MEC Networks
  6. Elif Ak
    Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
    Paper Title: FSC: Two-Scale AI-Driven Fair Sensitivity Control for 802.11ax Networks
  7. Nguyen Van Cuong
    National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
    Paper Title: Mobility Prediction at Points of Interest Using Many-to-one Recurrent Neural Network
  8. Faisal Ghaffar
    National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
    Paper Title: LOST: A Location Estimator Scheme for PM2.5 Pollution Sources in Sparse Sensors Network
  9. Suyang Wang
    Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
    Paper Title: A Selfish Attack on Chainweb Blockchain
  10. Thuan Nguyen
    Oregon State University, USA
    Paper Title: Communication-Channel Optimized Impurity Partition
  11. Suraj Srivastava
    Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
    Paper Title: MSBL-based Simultaneous Sparse Channel Estimation in SC Wideband mmWave Hybrid MIMO System
  12. Gulshan Sihag
    Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France, France
    Paper Title: Prediction of Risk Factors for Fall Using Bayesian Networks With Partial Health Information
  13. Pavana Prakash
    University of Houston, USA
    Paper Title: Privacy Preserving Facial Recognition Against Model Inversion Attacks
  14. Ariful Haque
    Old Dominion University, USA
    Paper Title: Integrating Mission-Centric Impact Assessment to Operational Resiliency in Cyber-Physical Systems
  15. Yue Qi
    Villanova University, USA
    Paper Title: Power Splitting based Precoding for the MIMO-BC with Multicast and Confidential Messages
  16. Sohei Itahara
    Kyoto University, Japan
    Paper Title: Online Trainable Wireless Link Quality Prediction System using Camera Imagery